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- Edited by: Njana Ti on 10/12/2010 07:31:18 Noctis is awesome.The time for salvaging missions has be ...2010.12.10 07:27:00
- Nothing is lost for players who have trained all learning skills to 5.We had the higher learning spe ...2010.11.25 20:39:00
- I LOVE that one! Well done!Whiners: All you want is others to suffer the same as you did, confess!! ...2010.11.25 14:03:00
- Fine for me to have Learning skills removed, invested SP granted for re-allocation, or leave them in ...2010.10.30 10:13:00
- Chribba has a station? Gotta go there and check for love cans Where is your cottage??? ...2010.10.25 11:36:00
- Can I have right-click-menu on Sisi please? I need more ships to try and fail, so the option to 'ass ...2010.10.21 09:50:00
- Edited by: Zyphore on 01/10/2010 12:39:37 stuff ^ This.Removing learning skills gives older playe ...2010.10.01 14:54:00
- Edited by: Njana Ti on 30/09/2010 09:19:24 Ah, teamplay... you don't need skillpoints for teamplay, ...2010.09.30 09:11:00
- My personal dictionary for Bobby leading:stfu (when entering ts) = hello my friends, nice to see you ...2010.08.19 07:52:00
- I cant fly imaginary spaceships under these conditions, I'm leaving the alliance. ONOES! There goes ...2010.07.09 13:08:00
- Happy B-Day, mate!oh, nice blues btw... ...2010.06.04 07:06:00
- I lost a CNR once due to the volume turned down to zero because my gf was on phone. I was taking hea ...2010.05.31 11:03:00
- 2x pls...Njana Ti Tlatlathx ...2008.04.20 21:21:00

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