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- Isk received for nautix and character transferred.Have fun and thanks very much. ...2011.02.12 19:34:00
- what's up with that wacky killboard? ...2011.02.12 19:29:00
- OK back from my [email protected] I've mailed you in game answering your questions, but I'll put them ...2011.02.12 17:13:00
- b/o accepted. However I am away from my computer in the UK until Saturday evening EU time. Can you w ...2011.02.09 07:05:00
- Bumpity bump ...2011.02.08 21:29:00
- Edited by: nautix on 07/02/2011 22:34:39 Want to sell this happy chappy :Skills ListCan Fly :- Minm ...2011.02.07 22:33:00
- Easy solution to dealing with Privateers(small corp): make an alt, promote him to CEO. Everyone else ...2010.05.21 11:50:00
- Bollix don't be afraid to clutch the hand of your creatorMore Bollix.... Well you guys have touch ...2010.05.17 17:56:00
- Privateers: How ****ty does it make you that you have to brag about killing Dreddit guys in Jita? ...2010.05.14 12:53:00
- 384773'st in a thread about ppl that has way more losses to us than we to them, both in terms of isk ...2010.05.12 14:41:00
- Edited by: nautix on 12/05/2010 11:14:21 itt PA whines about griefingWeak and irrelevant, much like ...2010.05.12 11:13:00
- Lol you're just a bunch of wannabe Goons really aren't you?They fail(ed) as well. And yes we take th ...2010.05.08 11:31:00
- Please feel free to visit us at Jita, you'll be given a very hospitable welcome. We also provide som ...2010.05.07 15:56:00
- 100% behind this idea. ...2010.05.06 19:35:00
- I fully support this idea. (and not just because The Pit Boss is my mighty leader) ...2010.05.06 19:30:00

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