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- Like the title says, I'm a 32 mil SP UK player, who is looking to join an active and friendly corp t ...2011.08.06 22:36:00
- Yes. ...2011.06.26 21:13:00
- I pay for a $1000 pair of jeans, the company goes bust, do I still have my jeans? Why yes, I d ...2011.06.25 14:31:00
- +1 I kinda think that if they've got to have an update every 6 months, then perhaps one should be an ...2010.07.03 10:58:00
- Can you imagine opening up the Yellow Pages and instead of searching for a plumber by looking it up ...2010.06.11 06:18:00
- The new Contacts folder is awful. I can't make group changes to corp standing in game, instead I've ...2010.05.27 05:28:00
- <Insert pointless rant here> :P <Snide remark><Take a side> <Rebuttal to snide remark in attempt t ...2010.05.26 19:45:00
- Supported ...2010.01.18 05:09:00
- I like the idea ...2010.01.18 05:03:00
- Very much a good idea. ...2010.01.18 04:58:00

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