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- 'Hate' is abit much of a reaction to Incarna, best reserved for the emo.I dont like incarna as i thi ...2011.06.22 11:11:00
- Sounds like i might get some success, worth a shot def. One further noobish question, anyone know wh ...2009.03.19 16:26:00
- We all know sleepers dish out a fair bit of EW, but how effective is EW against them?Has anyone trie ...2009.03.19 14:30:00
- We are, but it's really hard to pass the entrance exam.Also, bump.I'm assuming this involves stealin ...2009.02.20 14:08:00
- Until you poast telling us that you where mining in a uber offier/deadspace fitted Mack, and what sy ...2009.01.16 13:57:00
- I'll start with saying by 'Merc Outfit' i meen corp/alliance, not any item/combination of clothing, ...2008.01.11 14:57:00
- Anymore? ...2007.12.14 11:15:00
- Some good offers here, any more? ...2007.12.13 11:04:00
- Edited by: Kazundo Gouda on 13/12/2007 11:03:51 EDIT: Forgot to mention I'm EU timezoneFirstly, thi ...2007.12.12 11:52:00
- anyone think of any Avatars MIA / surplus from fallen alliances, or is this the beginning of a rathe ...2007.11.12 11:42:00
- Yes, this isn't the char in question, to keep my ingame mail box empty of spam. I'm looking for a pr ...2007.10.10 10:07:00
- 2bil to get you started :) ...2007.03.13 16:17:00

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