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- Walking in stations is stupid really and just eye candy. I would rather have interaction with plane ...2009.04.17 11:39:00
- Personally, I am getting sick of spending the entire time that I have to play Eve, travelling from s ...2009.04.16 08:24:00
- Ok, this issues happens when yu have Bloom, HDR and AA forced in your graphics card options, drop th ...2009.04.01 09:08:00
- bump ...2009.04.01 08:56:00
- Well this is bizarre... After the patch the other day, to my delight after launching some probes an ...2009.03.31 07:21:00
- Hi I have recently moved to China so I am looking for a new home who's member are on-line at the sa ...2009.03.15 10:57:00
- Hi I just cannot seem to move probes in the solar system map. After many attempts I may be lucky e ...2009.03.15 05:03:00

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