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- Edited by: NaMorham Santorin on 07/01/2011 01:40:22 First of all, I strongly support this, Second.. ...2011.01.07 01:40:00
- *flog* ...2011.01.06 23:55:00
- It's the same as when you target someone who jumps the gun and fires before agro. I've seen mining ...2009.12.08 03:37:00
- Edited by: NaMorham Santorin on 08/12/2009 01:41:02 I hope you do, because it doesn't work.Maybe fo ...2009.12.08 01:40:00
- The last time I bought anything expensive from jita the corp provided 2 new players with badgers and ...2009.12.08 00:02:00
- I've created some closed mailing lists for corp members, but it would be simpler to be able to invit ...2009.12.05 11:06:00
- You can't online it with their mods in the way. You must either destroy their mods or unanchor them. ...2009.12.03 00:30:00
- Has anyone tried blowing up the tower and replacing it with one of thier own? Does it then allow yo ...2009.12.02 23:33:00
- truncated content ...2009.11.19 00:55:00
- A better solution would be to target missiles from any of the targetted ships. That way a ship set ...2009.11.18 07:53:00
- I for one would like the ability to reprocess (illegally harvested) clones to fuel clone vat bays. ...2009.11.18 02:08:00
- How does it do enough damage to kill anything other than small ships? Also: More hulkageddon. The ...2009.11.16 23:11:00
- supported but only for a rough guide to outside, when you consider the scale of things I'd prefer ju ...2009.11.16 06:02:00
- Brain not working today... What defines a Discoship? ...2009.11.16 04:51:00
- No problem with it for empire either. Maybe require a hacking module to unanchor it though. And wh ...2009.11.05 22:33:00

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