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- We have Beer and Scotch. Lets talk over a drink.... ...2011.08.13 18:15:00
- I Kill You, Adeptous, Ha back to the top....PS. when you are ready to leave your mission k ...2011.08.13 05:30:00
- Hey there give us a convo when you get on..... ...2011.08.13 04:56:00
- Its time you guys come to Detorid and fight ...2011.08.13 04:00:00
- Seems Greyscale is the only one excited, Personally not a good idea. For many of us time is limited ...2011.03.26 05:01:00
- Really not Elite at Hunting anything, some of his corp members are fine but Bio is a fraud, Grieffin ...2011.02.23 05:20:00
- Always killing stuff so come out a pvp. were not the typical alliance scam ...2010.11.08 01:19:00

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