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- Why not have someone send you the update on a DVD?Yes i guess i could do that.. Now i just have to b ...2010.05.25 13:28:00
- See I find this quite funny that the server is down and it being the day before the patch comes out. ...2010.05.25 13:17:00
- Bumpage. Keep up the good work guys. ...2010.05.25 11:57:00
- Just another friendly bumpage for some great guys. Need more peeps.. Come on folks ...2010.05.22 09:45:00
- Friendly Bumpage since being in afghanistan this is the best i can do for the corp.. Sorry guy's be ...2010.05.21 15:05:00
- Bumpage. Keep up the good work Mylar and holick. Wished i could be their with you. ...2010.05.17 08:17:00
- Wow everyone this is one reason we had to leave. This alliance needs alot of help. So whoever want ...2009.04.26 18:26:00
- Wow Guys and you wonder why i left DMH. I already forseen this happening. Ya'll are by far not org ...2009.04.26 05:21:00
- Feel free to contact me if any questions arise. ...2008.11.23 05:58:00

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