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- Sounds like this fix was just a big hack done to save some dev time. Not a good thing. ...2011.05.31 16:18:00
- Only until they make Nos kill shields. ...2011.04.01 16:07:00
- Just to warn're going to be yelled at for starting another thread on this.Also, use http:/ ...2011.01.20 20:13:00
- Having so little free space available on your system drive may degrade your overall system performan ...2011.01.18 20:19:00
- The only way Eve will ever run on ChromeOS is if they make a flash / silverlight version of Eve. The ...2011.01.07 17:39:00
- Guys chill out! No need to bite his head off. This wasn't a troll post or anything, Maxwell had an i ...2011.01.06 00:36:00
- The current Icons are pretty terrible in the overview. Box size used to determine ship class? Yeah n ...2010.12.20 22:02:00
- The master of naming ships is Ian M. Banks:"Falling Outside The Normal Moral Constraints" "Prosthet ...2010.12.16 16:33:00
- Always thought a Sansha supercarrier should look more like a Babylon 5 Shadow vessle. ...2010.11.30 23:45:00
- Anyone got a mirror to the high res version? Can't get youtube at work, and youTubeProxy only offers ...2010.11.23 17:25:00
- God I hope so! ...2010.11.18 21:43:00
- *In before move to 'Features and Ideas' forum*I think this is a good idea. I don't know if I would t ...2010.11.17 17:21:00
- In before Ch....crap. ...2010.09.23 16:29:00
- Bigint ftw! In all the db's I design I always use Bigint for the keys. Doesn't mater if it's just a ...2010.09.22 17:22:00
- Sounds like they're adding forums to eve gate...not replacing these ones. ...2010.09.21 22:30:00

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