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- 1. I doubt ccp will put a limit on it as its money in there pockets and they really need that right ...2011.09.03 04:24:00
- Looks OP to me 75% bonus to repping and that much dmg combined with your proposed changes to non T2 ...2011.08.06 15:29:00
- Research next time please do some you will find out this isnt new at all you will also learn that th ...2011.08.05 16:51:00
- I like how people use the word "nuke" in this game they really should read the description of rocket ...2011.08.05 16:28:00
- Im putting through the vote for war as i speak thank you for this thread ...2011.08.02 17:12:00
- As its been said its part of the game if you dont like it stop running missions in a hub and go some ...2011.05.28 03:49:00
- dont mission in a hub ...2011.01.19 18:49:00
- Edited by: CRIMSON KNIGHTINGALE on 12/12/2009 20:06:52 nvm damn you op and your wall of text edit ...2009.12.12 20:06:00
- You should do what any normal human would do take the cash and dump the wallet somewhere just throw ...2009.12.02 23:41:00
- just because you can go fast isnt all of it you have to be able to turn fast as well replacing a OD ...2009.11.10 02:25:00
- You enjoy waiting in line at midnight to get your game so you can go home and enjoy the pure awesome ...2009.11.09 18:50:00
- And do you have any proof to support these mean and most harmful accusations ...2009.11.07 23:23:00

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