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- amarr -9 standing angel cartel -9 standing ammatar mandate -5 standing minmatar republic +7 stand ...2010.11.08 16:07:00
- same as last time 2.8gb cpu single core win xp sp3 2 gb memory splinter of wood from the ark graf ...2010.10.22 11:05:00
- win xp 2.8gsingle core geforce 6800le 2gb jump ok ship did not re draw pc crashed every jump i ...2010.10.14 20:53:00
- the patch effected all lvls of missions so new players could and did find low sec missions and drop ...2010.06.11 16:07:00
- were seeing a lot of low sec areas now camped by 10 + players alliance has lost 2 new players to l ...2010.06.07 13:29:00
- try to clear the cash its on the log out screen one of the tabs system settings or some think lik ...2007.11.14 15:49:00
- amarr med tower 4 weeks madimire system any station and charters 4 weekscost and delivery date ...2007.10.02 12:30:00
- you read the thread she did not force you ...2007.07.17 09:14:00
- hi need a quote for amarr med tower month fuel and stront for month if possable pos in madimire b ...2007.07.17 09:11:00
- i like the idea put forward by Draekas Darkwater critical hits to internal items that way theres alw ...2007.05.12 11:35:00

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