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- I'll give them the innovation, but 95% of the current player base focuses on the ships and not the a ...2011.09.06 05:14:00
- but in which region? ...2011.09.06 04:28:00
- So yeah, it's been ages since a new ship class was added. This is a spaceship game not The Sims 3 Sp ...2011.09.06 02:13:00
- Edited by: Jenshae Chiroptera on 06/09/2011 00:26:00 Edited by: Jenshae Chiroptera on 06/09/2011 00 ...2011.09.06 00:30:00
- The people i know are more entertaining then the game itself, so they keep me "sane" until CCP comes ...2011.09.06 00:18:00
- Here lets give everyone a little education in software development.Class is now in session guys. NO ...2011.09.06 00:06:00
- Is this some sort of clever way of *****ing about the backwards T3 that has had a solution for, what ...2011.09.05 23:33:00
- the vampire societies in Blade would be more representative of what would be in WoDI'm clueless abou ...2011.09.05 17:24:00
- pleasantly surprised to be in the top 1000i wonder how much of the top guys are all in CAOD XD ...2011.09.05 17:05:00
- Personally, I am most annoyed by the missing arrows on the info windows to got back and forth betwee ...2011.09.04 17:53:00
- Edited by: Xercodo on 03/09/2011 17:43:11You believe anything CCP says, don't you. I highly doubt a ...2011.09.03 17:42:00
- You can change tuck options on pretty much any shirt, not sure if it considered an "outer" tho ...2011.09.03 07:22:00
- none ...2011.09.03 04:12:00
- what the hell is a turrent? ...2011.09.03 04:08:00
- In which case, no it is gone because there is no longer much need for it as per the screenshot i pos ...2011.09.03 04:04:00

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