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- Jack Target,161,79,78,99,166,6,7 ...2011.07.24 19:27:00
- If you had high enough skills and an officer fitted Nighthawk, would it be possible to do all level ...2008.04.06 13:48:00
- Can they? ...2008.04.06 12:13:00
- How useful are they?Do they give you better situational awareness in combat?Previous threads of last ...2008.03.02 12:23:00
- Maybe it depends on your style. If you like pure damage, the Taranis sounds best.If you like a bette ...2008.02.24 11:56:00
- Which interceptor is best against other interceptors or frigates? ...2008.02.24 11:19:00
- Some say the Crow is the best interceptor because you can fly it fast (speed tanking) and fire missi ...2008.02.24 10:53:00
- The golden days of nano ships are over because you cannot nano a battleship effectively anymore due ...2008.02.18 23:02:00
- How about this? Find a beter corp or something that siuts you. Claerly you don't need them and it is ...2008.02.10 22:39:00
- So let me see if I am understanding your position. You would like to stay out in 0.0 and make ISK a ...2008.02.10 20:37:00
- Sounds like a good idea. How is 0.0 secured?Do you have powerful allies? ...2008.02.10 20:33:00
- Edited by: Jack Target on 10/02/2008 20:13:59 So you want OTHERS to secure your part of space while ...2008.02.10 20:12:00
- Edited by: Jack Target on 10/02/2008 19:56:40 In response to the OP:Unlike a fair number of 0.0 res ...2008.02.10 19:53:00
- Edited by: Andrue on 10/02/2008 18:23:50 It's so unfairYou're going to get a helluva shock when you ...2008.02.10 19:17:00
- Edited by: Jack Target on 10/02/2008 19:12:46 maybe it has to do with with these losses:t2 warp cor ...2008.02.10 19:12:00

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