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- Nice Tatto Chribba! (If I was a hawt Eve chick I'd definetely get a Gurista Bunny tat near my vagin ...2008.07.31 14:51:00
- Wouldn't be a bad idea if both militias actually posted their KILLS correctly lets alone losses. Bes ...2008.07.29 13:31:00
- Plus, whatever you type, 50 people will disagree with whatever you type. 2 of them will know what th ...2008.07.29 11:46:00
- Had no idea the french counted as a race now. I suppose me cracking jokes about liverpool is racist ...2007.12.29 00:21:00
- ok, ok, before it turns into a political argument, I am joking here. both about the french and BOB.Y ...2007.12.28 20:56:00
- Living in IAC space through the holidays has been great, lots of really fun ops.You've been great ho ...2007.12.25 20:56:00
- If there's any bad-form chicanery going on this weekend with POS bug games and whatnot, you know BoB ...2007.12.08 14:45:00
- Needs to be on the frontpage on ingame news as an exploit and those found exploiting get a perma-ban ...2007.12.08 05:08:00
- since first post and no s ...2007.12.07 03:49:00
- MANY FANBOIS. HANDLE IT. ...2007.12.06 22:01:00
- No matter how many times people call it baby blue, it is still not that color.The award for Pedant o ...2007.11.30 19:20:00
- Dear Eve players,With the forthcoming graphics updates and new ship colours I understand that not al ...2007.11.28 13:34:00
- *snip* Posting with an unidentified character and characters in NPC corporations in this forum is pr ...2007.11.26 18:04:00
- I fully support this idea... thinking further down the road we could introduce elves and long swords ...2007.11.17 19:18:00
- Me and my 6 alts thinks this is a fine idea. ...2007.11.09 20:11:00

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