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- I don't normally wet myself, but this is a good reason to do so!All we need now is something to play ...2009.02.04 20:35:00
- A trailer of sorts has already been released actually, its here... Damn, that is one **** hot video! ...2009.02.04 19:04:00
- Hmm you guys sound just up my street. Both this character and my industrial character are looking f ...2008.11.15 12:28:00
- There's too much negativity on this thread. I think that you should all be gratefull, I know I am, ...2008.10.16 18:07:00
- I may be of some assistance too. Drop me a line please. ...2008.10.02 18:03:00
- Erm... wrong forum? ...2008.09.03 18:10:00
- What we need now is a section for the Science and Industry section labeled "I can't suceed at invent ...2008.08.30 22:06:00
- If I remember correctly don't you need certain items, like tags as well?? ...2008.08.11 17:46:00
- As already stated you can't build small ships in a bigger assembly array but the reason is because t ...2008.07.25 19:22:00
- Cheers guys, saves me messing about on the test server!Thanks again. ...2008.07.23 19:51:00
- This may be a silly question and I may already know the answer, but before I go and spend the isk ca ...2008.07.23 07:22:00
- Still a top program Burchov (you should have received a donation from my alt by now), just a few thi ...2008.07.20 18:40:00
- Just to add my 5isks worth.As I understood it the couplings come in useful whenever the module they ...2008.06.27 19:28:00
- All I've done is setup MS Money with the categories I want and I manage to track everything in and o ...2008.06.26 22:41:00
- Using the same Invention calculator I found a few nice little earners. On the items I invent and pr ...2008.06.11 17:41:00

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