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- its classic in regards of techno. just as the "popcorn" song is. popcorn isnt techno, its electroni ...2004.08.07 19:11:00
- oopsie Zarquon ...2004.08.07 19:08:00
- just name it something other then a skirt, i dont know, something like 'kilt' and everyone will be o ...2004.08.04 22:50:00
- PVE setup (also does L3 Missions)3 Ion Blasters, 1 Small Nosferatunosferatu is useless for pve as np ...2004.07.27 10:53:00
- How to make a 100k warp in.Get a frig, gang him, get him to mwd the desired range, warp to himthanks ...2004.07.26 13:43:00
- they left to play another game, so get your facts straight! im all left to play L2, ...2004.07.25 16:19:00
- if everyone posted auctions for items like this, the forum would be a mess. put it on the market/es ...2004.07.24 02:56:00
- how much $$$$ did you get paid ...2004.07.24 00:35:00
- old, plus its a parody. much funnier real european pop videos out there :) like scooter ...2004.07.19 20:20:00
- Trevedian, its lame to use alts to post how evil/uber you are ...2004.07.17 22:08:00
- thats been in for ages...its been posted a million times. ive added you to my kos list ...2004.07.17 22:03:00
- the covert ops cloak isnt out tho, or is it? ...2004.07.15 17:23:00
- who cares...go away ...2004.07.01 18:10:00
- Kinetic dmg res: 30% !!med slot/20cpu/4puwill end friday 10pm eve time.pickup will be yulai ...2004.06.30 15:48:00
- 6mil ...2004.06.29 07:53:00

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