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- Edited by: Loki Sei on 30/08/2011 20:12:20 On the other hand, if you bought all your P1 off the mar ...2011.08.31 14:21:00
- The effect is just what you think it would be: everything in null sec would become more expensive d ...2011.08.30 16:00:00
- Generally speaking, the lower a planet's sec status the higher the resource percentage on that plane ...2011.08.30 15:57:00
- Be careful when extolling the virtues of a small radius planet. My testing indicates that while lar ...2011.08.30 15:26:00
- OP, i haven't verified this myself but was of the belief that when you refine a module the mineral r ...2011.08.30 15:15:00
- Edited by: Eddie Iampert on 27/08/2011 19:56:12 Can i make all P4 PI parts with 2 Toons and Planeta ...2011.08.30 15:08:00
- I don't have any constructive thoughts, though I encourage you to review your argument from both sid ...2011.08.26 19:49:00
- Second, I think the Load of 618.32 is taking your transitions and incoming into account as well as w ...2011.07.27 13:23:00
- You can do all that without adversely affecting final output by simply not hitting the submit button ...2011.07.27 13:13:00
- Assuming know one has wardecc'd you, I don't think you should spend any pilots on a resident defende ...2011.07.26 02:46:00
- How exactly do you mean people will go nuts for them? ...2011.07.26 02:38:00
- The higher your Planetology and Adv Planetology skill the lower the variance between the pre-install ...2011.07.26 02:32:00
- The load value is based on the highest cycle in the duration, which is typically the first; you need ...2011.07.26 02:28:00
- this time im in a fleet with orca boost other then that everyting is the same as beforeIf you're in ...2011.07.26 02:21:00
- Kelmurdoch 3,24,34,51,108,119,144 ...2011.07.24 17:00:00

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