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- Nice nice, thanks for the good replies. There's something to think about, for me at least. ...2009.10.16 19:17:00
- You could make me happy and donate me a couple of bil and let me play for a long time without worryi ...2009.10.16 18:04:00
- Hello, a friend of my own this bpo: Heavy Pulse Laser II BPOI'd like to buy it, 'couse he say that h ...2009.10.16 17:56:00
- IMPORTANT: i'm not asking for isk, this is a question.There are some people out there that are incre ...2009.10.16 17:08:00
- How much is this bpo worth? ...2009.10.16 09:13:00
- Send 1 bil to this char and i'll tell you the secret. ...2009.10.15 16:01:00
- SOLVED \o/i found a 'delete cache' in the options, i clicked on it, restarted eve-hq and now it's al ...2009.10.14 14:11:00
- Edited by: Neriel Odershank on 14/10/2009 14:07:09 Yes, i can see sized rigs in the item browser, b ...2009.10.14 14:06:00
- eve-hq has a nice feature to export fittings and importing them in eve. it would be nice to have th ...2009.10.14 13:34:00
- Hi all. I've just update my EVE-HQ client and i was playing with a fit for a ship, but i noticed th ...2009.10.14 13:25:00
- I agree, i don't own a console, and i don't want to buy one, but i'd love to play dust. I like to p ...2009.10.14 09:54:00
- after you come out of emergency warp: fly back to your drones -> right click on them -> scoop to dr ...2009.10.14 09:46:00
- Why do people post **** like this? Please do not evade the profanity filter. Zymurgist ...2009.10.14 09:39:00
- I agree with the op. I'm a 0.0 pvper and i've never been a carebear, but pirates are simply ridicul ...2009.10.13 10:55:00
- Edited by: Neriel Odershank on 13/10/2009 10:51:27 It should be like in dust you cannot register a ...2009.10.13 10:47:00

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