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- Maybe new tools. Like for example:1. Non-POS based deep space anchorable personal/corp platforms tha ...2011.07.14 21:49:00
- The TriNova Alliance is now accepting applications from interested corporations in and around the P ...2011.06.21 01:00:00
- I like the ship. It has a nice look and the stats seems to be on the right track.My Humble Suggestio ...2008.10.29 23:16:00
- I kind of like the idea of an indexing system that allows you to create views of your inventory base ...2008.06.24 21:36:00
- It's by design, not a bug.I realize that is the party line with regard to this issue, but, I'm sayin ...2008.06.18 21:22:00
- could you please clarify how you tax some one on manufacturing exactly, if they build 5 things are u ...2008.06.18 21:17:00
- As a paying customer, you're not going to get jack squat. You subscribe to EVE server activities as ...2008.06.18 21:09:00
- So what are you saying, that having this feature would not be a good thing? It's just a tool for the ...2008.06.18 20:09:00
- It would be nice to an option along with orbit and approach, to match the course and speed of the ...2008.06.18 19:56:00
- Well, I have been trying to get something from CCP using the bug system, because I feel the current ...2008.06.18 19:43:00
- Edited by: Charleen Stillwell on 18/06/2008 21:28:47 Edited by: Charleen Stillwell on 18/06/2008 21 ...2008.06.18 18:48:00

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