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- Or just give us our Titan DD back???Maybe a script for the DD so we can focus fire or AOE???But I wo ...2011.02.28 23:26:00
- Hard to venture an at least somewhat educated guess. I think it's still mostly player run, bottin ...2011.02.28 23:05:00
- CCP,Lets not point fingers at who or what, just start restricting accounts after they are caught bot ...2011.02.28 22:58:00
- Hellcat fleets that I a know of are armor BS with high alpha, used to wipe out drake fleets and Ahac ...2011.01.11 05:27:00
- I have to agree; sometimes when I come up short on isk I hand over a bpo for isk and that is with fr ...2010.05.24 02:11:00
- Moving the minerals to the build location can be a pain in the ass so using a service to package the ...2010.05.24 02:00:00
- Can a fleet of 3 pilots (averaging 10mil xp and flying 2 Battleships and 1 Logistics) run these leve ...2010.05.08 23:16:00
- Last time I tried to mine with mining drones from a carrier it won't give me any ore. We did it wit ...2010.05.08 22:49:00
- or just throw it in the corp hanger of an orca so it cannot be scanned, plenty of orca's running aro ...2010.04.22 17:32:00
- I have used the nighthawks and vultures for lvl 5's but if for some reason you don't get support the ...2010.04.14 14:27:00
- 14 carriers or soIf you can get a supply of cheap carriers its a good way to move the parts.Or you c ...2010.04.14 14:14:00
- Edited by: Bloody Rabbit on 05/04/2010 02:50:49 You can't be caught with the cloak subsystem and nu ...2010.04.05 02:50:00
- I have been having connection issues in the Obe area and Minmatar area.Please just follow the southe ...2010.04.05 01:09:00
- B/O offer of 20 billion ...2010.04.02 08:59:00
- I can't get your link to work ...2010.04.01 19:51:00

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