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- A new start - a new race and bloodline!! CCP make it so! ...2011.01.18 21:56:00
- If our character, shortly, ceases to be a simple portrait ... whenever that is ... ...2011.01.13 11:07:00
- I think you are overlooking the fact CCP has a terrible record of actually fixing things after they ...2011.01.01 10:34:00
- a) Check and http://w ...2010.12.31 15:38:00
- Make it so that there's no friendly fire and when you shoot "through" an friendly you severely damag ...2010.12.24 11:36:00
- So Loki compared to Maelsrom is not what a Tengu is compared to a Raven/CNR? ...2010.12.23 14:55:00
- Working as intended? ...2010.12.23 13:53:00
- This is a bit frightening. I have been in the game only about 5 or 6 days. The last two days I exp ...2010.12.23 08:02:00
- I'm pretty impressed with the creator at the moment, obviously there are still some minor issues but ...2010.12.21 14:13:00
- Big fleet lag is impossible to fix, they can only try to avoid crashes. Servers that can really hand ...2010.12.20 00:34:00
- why is it so difficult to find 50+ active corp, that has able and active pilots, a team of 15-20 peo ...2010.12.18 19:05:00
- Edited by: Jenny Hawk on 17/12/2010 14:07:25 Frigates are more like aircraft, the rest more like sh ...2010.12.17 14:07:00
- Oh, god, so many tears over something so tiny. Make it stop."It is a strange fate that we should suf ...2010.12.16 12:06:00
- You are not supposed to actually speak or hang out with EVE players IRL...Indeed.#1 - The first rule ...2010.12.16 11:01:00
- Game balance wise, SoE fills a similar role in relation to Gallente, that Mordu's Legion fills in re ...2010.12.15 06:44:00

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