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- thank all for taking the time to reply i will give this some thought but one thing is for shore i wi ...2008.05.07 22:21:00
- Edited by: traderunners on 07/05/2008 21:35:50 Edited by: traderunners on 07/05/2008 21:34:15I don' ...2008.05.07 21:31:00
- im a solo player with in EVE with 18mil SP, i dont see how voting for any of the Candidates will ch ...2008.05.07 21:06:00
- well i would put what i think is good but as iv only got it to day and i have not used it yet there ...2006.04.18 22:55:00
- hello im am in need for a set up for a NIDHOGGUR carrier thanks ...2006.04.18 19:07:00

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