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- No, you didn't miss anything. They stopped publishing them because uhh.. I forget. But now we're goi ...2011.09.02 19:01:00
- Edited by: Black Dranzer on 02/09/2011 18:51:37 ...2011.09.02 18:51:00
- YA thats right ****tard they pulled an all nighter for you so you can use the service you paid for ...2011.09.02 18:29:00
- Edited by: Black Dranzer on 02/09/2011 18:27:26 was that the added resource re****ents of the clien ...2011.09.02 18:25:00
- Population of a 8 years old videogame with a niche, nerdy audience is stagnating. TRAGEDY The trag ...2011.09.02 18:23:00
- Subscriber numbers would be more interesting to see that active online numbers, honestly. ...2011.09.02 18:12:00
- Let me just double check that my subscription is cancelled..I think it goes dead in less than 24 hou ...2011.09.02 17:41:00
- If the problem is serious enough, I just log, live a little RL and come back when it's fixed. come ...2011.09.01 22:55:00
- Known IssuesNew Features Christ, I'd understand if they did something serious to the UI or server, ...2011.09.01 22:46:00
- Well I mean, I was willing to believe that Incarna was mainly an absolute ****ing trainwreck and tha ...2011.09.01 22:41:00
- Technically the only thing that this patch proves is that CCP is set in their ways. ...2011.09.01 22:35:00
- Just a note.I never suggested going quietly. Make noise if you can. But if you don't cancel your sub ...2011.09.01 21:11:00
- It seems that so far this thread is full of people who support CCP and have no complaints about thei ...2011.09.01 19:50:00
- This isn't actually a troll thread. It's serious, genuine advice.Look, here's the thing. The people ...2011.09.01 19:35:00
- You're half right. You would need it if you were publishing statistics and analysis. But my intent ...2011.09.01 19:04:00

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