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- Edited by: Ace2001 on 10/12/2010 21:39:58 Y'all wanna see a funny cat series?Okay!Youtube cat serie ...2010.12.10 21:39:00
- yep, I am. the entire game of lol/dota/hon is that its very skill based, and each game usually ends ...2010.12.08 01:30:00
- I mean I played lol 2 years ago, and they still don't have new maps. It's boring, it would be like a ...2010.12.07 17:12:00
- CHATROULETTE is pervert central. I tried it once and will never again.Hmmm ... wait ... you calling ...2010.11.29 06:24:00
- Yes it's a cheap webcam. I have never actually brought my own webcam. Ended up getting them as pre ...2010.11.28 17:23:00
- That MS one has wonky colours, they're off for some reason. Especially if you're not in a brightly l ...2010.11.28 16:55:00
- That is not an acceptable reference. I could tell you that in some parts of the world that the sk ...2010.11.28 08:20:00
- Hello folks. I've been staring at these two webcams for the past couple of days now trying to decid ...2010.11.28 08:17:00
- Been playing it a lot lately...too much in fact I never played DoTA so the genre was new to me, but ...2010.08.25 04:34:00
- Edited by: Whattis on 03/08/2010 15:47:39 You just listed almost all the reasons why SC2 does not d ...2010.08.03 16:02:00
- What anti-virus do you use? I used to use AVG and at one point it had a bug that would make anythin ...2010.07.23 20:34:00
- why did u do the smart thing and do every two months with GTC from a company other then CCP (shatte ...2010.07.16 22:50:00
- Edited by: Ace2001 on 16/07/2010 22:42:10 I'm sorry CCP your game is full of idiots.I thought joke ...2010.07.16 22:39:00
- For the record: Helicity can score and run the event any way she wants. CCP has no involvement whats ...2010.07.15 15:32:00
- Oh, we'll be there. Perhaps even with bells on. Curses! I was hoping to make it in here in time to m ...2010.07.14 18:18:00

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