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- Subject says it all, attempting to exit game via ESC key while still in planet view mode causes a C+ ...2011.07.23 12:29:00
- Ah the good old days of Skarkon Street Cred. Just a homie trying to salvage a buck, right? ...2010.12.01 15:30:00
- In order for AA to work, you have to want to change.I lol'd ...2010.09.09 18:11:00
- i mean, if you're gonna fly a capital ship, a billion dollar vessel, at least have the decency to pi ...2009.10.22 13:19:00
- Maybe you should rename it the Lessos... ...2009.09.16 01:55:00
- ^goes the thread. ...2009.04.20 00:40:00
- Sober enough to bump this up. ...2009.03.24 02:06:00
- After seeing all the graphical updates, I was really looking forward to seeing a 'new and improved' ...2009.03.17 12:08:00
- another test ...2009.03.13 18:56:00
- testing sig ...2009.03.13 18:52:00
- yep, I can launch probes and scan with them, but from the solar system map, any interaction with the ...2009.03.04 05:24:00
- Edited by: Rake Mizar on 10/02/2009 20:21:51 Question: you can scan for other probes with probes, r ...2009.02.10 20:20:00
- Hm, I found a wormhole and based on yesterdays discussion I bookmarked it, then docked up because I ...2009.02.10 13:13:00
- Edited by: Rake Mizar on 27/01/2009 00:31:54 9 Exqueror and a Sin. It's just 91 points though, but ...2009.01.27 00:31:00
- It was a crow CCP Claw!Yes, but it was a nice Crow. Sorry the match didn't happen, looked like it w ...2009.01.25 16:06:00

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