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- Dazzle CamouflageI think this is what you mean. I would love to have an Apocalypse with one of these ...2010.06.28 14:50:00
- About the best (workable) suggestion I have read over the years is one based on the number of existi ...2010.06.17 11:11:00
- Its still confusing how it doesn't work in an intuitive way...Just like everything else in EvE. ...2010.06.16 12:57:00
- First of all, don't give everything away as you may come back one day and should have some capital t ...2010.06.16 08:45:00
- Edited by: Flitz Farseeker on 15/06/2010 12:02:05 I like these, but please fix the Imicus/Helios fi ...2010.06.15 12:02:00
- Just fix the engine trails and guns on the Domi, leave it as the fugly brick we have come to love. N ...2010.04.19 09:55:00
- Ode to the Vexor:Your drones thrill me with their moves and thrust, Your armor plating fills me wit ...2010.04.02 13:19:00
- Compared to previous incarnations the current Dominix is just fine. Well except for the current lack ...2010.03.22 10:09:00
- Last Wolf's suggestions about changes to reppers got me thinking about how to balance armor repping ...2010.03.19 14:12:00
- First, leave the Mega alone.The problem with close range Gall ships is that they are slooowwwww. So ...2010.03.18 08:46:00
- I'd also like to see the turrets on the 'sensor pods' at the stern of the Megathron moved back onto ...2010.03.05 09:19:00
- II. Just make it so that ECM reduces target sig size ECM a) reduces your sensor strength by a p ...2010.03.04 10:00:00
- On one of the first L4 missions I did, I wasn't paying enough attention and a couple of tackling fri ...2010.03.03 16:30:00
- I see two approaches here which I think deserve further investigation.1. Lockbreaker. You lose you ...2010.03.02 13:18:00
- Alternative solution would be to increase reload times for increasing gun size. Switching a clip on ...2010.02.23 09:34:00

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