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- lots of stuff about small gang pvp incentives... Great suggestion! And great analysis of pvp inc ...2011.08.15 18:53:00
- It also requires something being discussed in another thread: the ability to stay under the radar. R ...2011.08.15 17:52:00
- Thank you CCP for listening to the CSM! simply cant do enough of that. And thank you CSM for fight ...2010.11.22 20:16:00
- NoIt would ruin the sandbox (plex-selling is bad enough) ...2010.10.30 12:43:00
- I really don't find CCP's claim that microtransactions aren't about the money to be credible. Uh yea ...2010.10.29 21:27:00
- Nice blog and nice system :)Will you consider to make poses slighly more vunerable now, as that will ...2009.11.12 15:31:00
- Sorry CCP, you have to do it like anyone else and post it in the corp recruitment have been ...2009.09.30 19:44:00
- Theres actually sort of a key if you go to overview-settings, there you can change which symbols/col ...2009.09.28 15:32:00
- What you want is this:;)Supported :) ...2009.09.28 15:21:00
- Great Idea :DSupported all the way ...2009.09.28 15:15:00
- Supported! making it easier for FC's to organise fleets would make combat in this game all the more ...2009.09.28 15:01:00
- Good Idea! I've wanted a boost to pvp active-tanking for quite some time. Nosses are somewhat useles ...2009.09.28 14:51:00
- /signed! And Bump! ;).Since the post was made (which is beginning to be a while), lots of improvemen ...2009.09.21 19:47:00
- got to try the cruor, it looks awsome :D. It used to have problems becuase the bonuses didnt work we ...2009.09.18 23:17:00
- Good detective story, and great job on fixing the issue! :D ...2009.09.11 15:10:00

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