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- I wholeheartedly thank you. I enjoy sharing what I learn, even if it costed me many RL $$$. I fe ...2011.05.06 12:53:00
- Edited by: Vaerah Vahrokha on 04/05/2011 09:45:26 Well got to take what I can get. Was hoping more ...2011.05.04 10:33:00
- Well got to take what I can get. Was hoping more for arguments for or against investing into that PI ...2011.05.04 08:12:00
- Hello all!I finally completed first version of my own PI profitability calculator.This morning price ...2011.05.03 09:44:00
- +1Would like: - active: 17 of 19 (not counting CC and Launchpad/Storage) - and list of storage fa ...2011.03.30 11:09:00
- Got a mail from bugs@ccp that they can not reproduce the bug and closed it.I wish people would actua ...2008.03.17 10:23:00
- I had the same problem.Got a mail recently from a BH that they attached it to a new defect. I think ...2008.03.14 14:16:00
- Edited by: Tutomech on 03/03/2008 16:19:26 I am a carebear of the worst kind and I do appreciate th ...2008.03.03 16:02:00
- If OP is a vote for fixing a known bug that renders the ships and items window useless I ll give it ...2008.03.02 15:16:00
- Congrats to OP. Funny and appropriate. ...2007.11.01 11:56:00
- I bet if you removed the security hit from shooting people with a negative security status, lowsec w ...2007.11.01 10:28:00
- How about simply making game less predictable and a bit more challenging?Graduating from NPC corp at ...2007.10.29 16:43:00
- You have clearly never been to 0.0, or been in a space holding alliance.I'm sorry it comes down to t ...2007.10.04 17:36:00
- So the reward in return for the higher risk of living in 0.0 compared to empire is... what, exactl ...2007.10.04 16:50:00
- Edited by: Tutomech on 04/10/2007 15:29:36 Lowsec is already badly off compared to highsec, will 0. ...2007.10.04 15:06:00

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