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- new patch. so join and get some good kills with your new pic. ...2011.01.21 06:24:00
- It's football time. So time to make corp. bets. Also time to get ready for corp. poker night. Whe ...2011.01.15 19:06:00
- To the top. ...2011.01.10 04:42:00
- Time to spread some holiday cheer and pod someone. Trial on new guys are over in a week and willing ...2010.12.24 01:03:00
- oh all the ships piolits can now fly. try using them with us. ...2010.12.16 03:39:00
- To the top. ...2010.12.03 03:20:00
- Bump for victory!!!! ...2010.11.20 05:21:00
- Dang Plump. You keeping me busy last few days. Got some new guys that are doing well. We will tra ...2010.11.12 07:36:00
- Look us up. 80% is West Coast players. ...2010.11.12 07:33:00
- The alliance we are in is very active at this time. Look the kill boards up as proof. I know you wo ...2010.11.12 07:30:00
- Although most of the corp. is US tz, we are looking for some good piolits to run the EU tz. The adv ...2010.11.12 07:26:00
- We have plenty to kill. Look us up if you want a good group of players. ...2010.11.12 07:23:00
- If you like 0.0 this is thee place for you and your friends. Nice pvp and ISK making. Look me up o ...2010.11.12 07:20:00
- Bump for killing everything in sight wth just a few cruisers. ...2010.11.08 02:11:00
- War is upon us. MMMM. The smell of fresh pods in the morning. Want to pvp. We are the group to ...2010.11.06 03:04:00

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