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- from my experience, eventually the deposits come back. you could harvest something else while you wa ...2011.02.19 16:35:00
- check your game logs and see how much they were hitting you for ...2011.01.25 16:09:00
- Have you considered possibility that this might be random.Yes, I'm sure it just happened to fall on ...2011.01.25 16:03:00
- the thorax looks like something too... hmmm it looks so familiar. can't quite put my weener on it. ...2010.12.12 22:34:00
- here's a classic trap question:User: Are you gay?Cleverbot: No, I'm not.User: Do your parents know y ...2009.11.08 15:00:00
- I tried it on a navy apoc once, message popped up saying you can't fit that module on a non-cap ship ...2009.10.24 17:16:00
- I use a scrambler on mine, stops MWDs.Overall I'd say your tank is too big. I use a single rep with ...2009.10.10 22:50:00
- 1.0001b, this one's mine deo! ...2009.04.29 12:32:00
- A senior defense official told CNN that each pirate was shot in the line in the whole stor ...2009.04.13 05:36:00
- It will randomly return one thing, datacore, decryptor, r.a.m., relic, or a subsystem bpc. only once ...2009.04.13 05:09:00
- 1. Go to W-space and collect materials 2. Reverse engineer ancient relics to get t3 BPC, react gass ...2009.03.13 21:41:00
- Lows ---- 4x Gas Harvester Upgrades (if I can fit that many, might have to swap in one CPU upgra ...2009.03.13 20:57:00
- "Attacking an empire has become more profitable" ...2009.02.14 21:43:00
- new new eden ...2009.02.05 14:56:00
- This thread is amusing. As someone who works next to a whole lot of uranium, I'd like to dispel a fe ...2009.01.08 01:53:00

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