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- The client says incompatible version, but won't offer to download the new build. Can you update the ...2011.03.08 10:55:00
- What things that belonged to Item did you lose? ...2010.08.26 23:29:00
- yup... so much progress... 600 ppl in system only shooting 1 target (sbu) on a reinforced node and 1 ...2010.08.23 10:42:00
- ... You really come off arrogant- that's just as irritating.You're close to what at least *I* feel ...2010.08.04 11:46:00
- Edited by: Xtover on 03/08/2010 19:25:35 They have other things they are working on instead of app ...2010.08.03 19:24:00
- shame that even though you requested, their logs showed nothing.perhaps in 18 months. ...2010.08.03 18:57:00
- This forum's filled with people not very happy and yet nothing but static in response.or does the ex ...2010.08.03 18:28:00
- CCP, YOU HAVE NO MORE TITAN. ...2010.08.03 16:55:00
- They have also gone on to explain that features currently released will be improved and fixed. True ...2010.07.29 11:47:00
- Edited by: Xtover on 28/07/2010 17:30:27 Have I made mistakes? Of course. don't feel bad, at least ...2010.07.28 17:30:00
- HiWe are doing the architectural work now that would allow us to overhaul a lot of the old effects i ...2010.07.28 11:50:00
- In all honesty, I like this guy's design significantly more:LinkIt gets rid of the upright "giraffe ...2010.07.26 19:16:00
- Wow you made it look much worse. That's quite impressive. ...2010.07.23 19:30:00
- People actually use this crap? I use it to check my skill queue without starting up the client on ...2010.07.23 19:27:00
- Edited by: Xtover on 23/07/2010 14:32:09 The human crew is there because many minds/hands can do ma ...2010.07.23 14:31:00

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