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- CCP had better not touch the difficulty of the sleepers. They're intended to be inhumanly hard, if y ...2009.03.11 18:44:00
- I think greater flair and diversity between ships would greatly increase the player base. ...2009.03.11 03:10:00
- Nothing should beyond the control of the players, except things that should be, but this isn't one o ...2009.03.09 19:31:00
- I can't tell if this is a good thread or not, could I get a proster's opinion on the quality of this ...2009.02.27 21:56:00
- Edited by: Montasque on 27/02/2009 21:04:00 Seriously, free space, go get some. Just be warned Ange ...2009.02.27 21:37:00
- What if pubbies don't want it? I mean, we sure as hell don't. WHO GETS IT??? ...2009.02.27 20:14:00
- We just used CAOD as a means to facilitate alliance communications while our forums were down it's r ...2009.02.21 03:21:00
- someone needs to be watching for x's, im gettin' tired of xin ...2009.02.21 02:35:00
- we're heading to a2- shortly, finishing up a POS in J-LPaige Tusnypa > Iraf Thaiberd > darius: he' ...2009.02.21 02:23:00
- No more stories on TS. We're going to be losing allies by the dozens. ...2009.02.21 01:25:00
- I've gotta say, I've never seen a company as energetic as CCP in their attempts to discourage new pl ...2009.02.18 16:44:00
- good movie ...2009.02.14 05:43:00
- Edited by: Ungdall on 05/02/2009 23:36:04 Could this be considered the American Dream?look mittenz ...2009.02.05 23:36:00
- I like how so many people congratulate the OP on writing something so interesting, then insult him b ...2008.12.10 17:06:00
- What's this? A representative was chosen because of their e-rep in the world of flames and straw-ma ...2008.06.09 15:26:00

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