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- Set up well worked out roles by title, lock all important stuff down, use audit cans, work out every ...2007.09.29 10:53:00
- Give it 3 months until you see the bulk of carrier pilots switched to motherships for POS action. La ...2007.09.15 10:57:00
- We at ATLAS heard that rumor. Tomeus, remember the convo you had with CI/ATLAS when PURE attacked ...2007.08.31 14:11:00
- Stickied.That's all you do? ...2007.08.21 19:01:00
- You'll still have a "classic" engine, the rewritten engine with similar requirements as today. You c ...2007.08.12 15:29:00
- Wait, does any of this have to do with the fact that Dr.EyjóG's background is in "experimental econo ...2007.08.12 12:22:00
- Are we screwed again?Screwing is not necessarily a bad thing. ...2007.07.25 21:28:00
- No its down ,its just frozen saying 28k players online , to save faceDoes that mean there's a dev wa ...2007.07.25 21:03:00
- This is beginning to go along the road of the good old mines, which sucked but once tweaked, were ov ...2007.07.13 23:17:00
- all i read in this post is *whine whine whine, i cant make any money, whine whine whine*In that case ...2007.07.10 19:33:00
- There's been subtle signs on the evolution of EVE already Thoric :P It isn't a static game, and all ...2007.07.10 18:19:00
- Looking at it's up, and if the IP is indeed here is what I get .. 5 ...2007.07.09 11:06:00
- Very weird thing here, I keep getting "status unknown".What is the IP from Sisi so I can do a tracer ...2007.07.09 10:58:00
- Edited by: Francesca Dell''Agio on 26/06/2007 12:46:16 I'll take 2x 100D, will send evemail with de ...2007.06.26 12:35:00
- In the current climate of a mad polarised EVE in 0.0 however, the cost factors pretty much squeeze o ...2007.06.16 14:43:00

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