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- at the risk of keeping this thread of topic i agree, i dont like the american style presenting they ...2007.08.08 14:14:00
- i just choked on my cornflakes ...2007.07.30 07:29:00
- if you never heard of a suicide smart bomb bs warping into a fleet and letting rip you havent played ...2007.07.29 05:10:00
- This smartbomb will not have better damage or range than the large variety (it would be the same) w ...2007.07.29 04:52:00
- dont forget to wear your tinfoil hat when posting ...2007.07.25 13:46:00
- The Tyrell Corporation is both shocked and saddened at the news that the Curse Alliance did not work ...2007.07.24 22:42:00
- were all quiting to go play wow anyway the darklord demands epics ...2007.07.19 15:22:00
- the dates on the corps above are wrong.Top10 devblogColossus Technologies was the very first corpera ...2007.07.13 06:36:00
- so now we know how lv got half there dreads back the day after RA killed them unlike everyone else w ...2007.03.04 03:55:00
- I wish more CA members would engage their brains before posting, and then decide to not reply.You lo ...2007.03.03 00:59:00
- Edited by: D''onryu Shoqui on 02/03/2007 10:57:15 Im outside this conflict but this thread interest ...2007.03.02 10:59:00
- It is very different, because the latter doesn't involve imbalancing the in-game ISK flow.Wait, are ...2007.03.02 06:01:00
- what they should do is drones that salvage ...2007.02.28 23:56:00
- Edited by: D''onryu Shoqui on 28/02/2007 11:57:17 vista is the futureVista is the past, with a slee ...2007.02.28 12:00:00

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