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- I went through maybe 10 station re-customizations but it defaulted to the first recustomization.The ...2011.04.07 05:58:00
- Iv just installed Battlefield play4free beta and waiting on BRINK to get out. anyone knows other go ...2011.04.06 19:39:00
- I'd rather play Noctis IV or Freelancer. ...2011.04.06 15:47:00
- Botting is bad because it diminishes the returns of people who actually play this game.OK? ...2011.04.06 15:44:00
- Captain Kirk is climbing a mountain, why is he climbing the mountain? To hug the mountain, to envel ...2011.03.24 18:41:00
- There should be a one time option per character or account. I don't see it as cutting into the conse ...2011.03.18 15:08:00
- It's obviously so that space and spaceships are the most mature subject matter. ...2011.03.18 13:17:00
- How can it be a sandbox if the kicking of sand is disallowed? ...2011.03.14 22:28:00
- In the future one's wealth will be demonstrated by their Quafe t-shirt. ...2011.03.14 17:42:00
- Anime is the greatest invention. ...2011.03.14 17:38:00
- When can I buy a particle effect fedora for my pilot? ...2011.03.14 13:01:00

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