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- I AFK blood missions with a gila, the cap neuting isn't too much of an issue since you can just set ...2011.08.23 07:29:00
- Great stuff! Thx to all of you for sharing your experience. Are you just deploying drones all time ...2011.08.21 10:46:00
- Thx alot for all the great feedback. I think I will try first the Raven and Domi fits and get my dr ...2011.08.20 14:08:00
- You can also use an Ishtar (shield or armour tanked) or a Gila for the same purpose. Both can be fit ...2011.08.19 13:54:00
- Hello all, I am doing a lot of writing/reading at my PC at home and I am wondering if there are way ...2011.08.19 10:54:00
- Hi all, I am trying to learn how to organise corp hangar divisions efficiently and how to manage ac ...2011.07.22 15:13:00
- Edited by: Sam Redshift on 15/07/2011 21:52:47 Search forum or google Gila exploration ship or Gila ...2011.07.15 21:51:00
- Edited by: Sam Redshift on 15/07/2011 15:43:10 1st, I didn't start this thread. I am merely verifyi ...2011.07.15 15:42:00
- No need for a the discussion heating up .Thank you all for sharing your various observations. It see ...2011.07.15 13:08:00
- When a complex has been completed and everyone is off grid, the signature respawns within minutes, o ...2011.07.14 11:36:00
- I'll also be checking the same area again right after DT.Pls post your observations, DeMichael. I c ...2011.07.14 11:32:00
- I know high sec exploration does not compare to lowsec exploration but I am not at the point for goi ...2011.07.14 10:45:00
- Hi, so far i'm using nighthawk for all in 1 highsec exploration ship. has enough dps and cpu. so far ...2011.07.13 12:01:00
- I got few questions too, so I am gonna hijack your thread :D Be my guest. I do the same all the time ...2011.07.13 10:49:00
- Edited by: Sam Redshift on 12/07/2011 09:29:49 I am not sure if Incarana modifications in probing r ...2011.07.12 09:29:00

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