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- Okay so 8 ogres aren't going to break the bank but what if they'd been harvesters? Thats a few mil d ...2004.11.26 16:27:00
- How long do drones last unattended, provided no-one nicks them?I've been kicked from the server, and ...2004.11.25 21:48:00
- A lot of the time, I'll sell a shuttle once I get to the destination point. Another technique you ca ...2004.11.04 18:22:00
- I'm sort of cheating on this. Ihad exactly the same problem, but I have a home theatre pc as well as ...2004.10.31 20:54:00
- Edited by: Skirite on 27/10/2004 17:22:58 Its Boomer I don't get. The name just doesn't fit a sligh ...2004.10.27 17:20:00
- I think I've realised where the minmatar came from. They're the last of the survivors from the 12 co ...2004.10.26 20:08:00
- Seagate. I've got 6 at the moment and never had any trouble with them. One is an old 8gb that I've h ...2004.10.26 16:53:00
- *Bumped*Purely because this thread is too damned good to be wasted six pages back and should be stic ...2004.07.19 21:18:00
- You ask? ...2004.07.19 17:12:00
- Garbage collector is a pretty good way to earn some money very early on.Go to a 0.6 system. Lots of ...2004.07.19 14:05:00
- Although it pains me to say to an Amarrian......Thank you ...2004.07.18 11:56:00
- Is there list of EVE acronyms around?I don't know about anyone else, but reading posts on this board ...2004.07.18 09:44:00
- Only thing I've found is thisMight take a while to load though ...2004.07.11 22:23:00
- I'm from Grimsby. Despite what some idiot drew on a map in the 70's, we've always been in lincolnshi ...2004.07.11 22:11:00
- I'm 32. Must admit I've been suprised at how many older players there are in this game. But compared ...2004.07.11 21:59:00

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