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- I'm interested in the Thanatos and the Phoenix - how about 2.2b for both - if you interested - make ...2008.07.29 11:06:00
- I'm missing one upgrade for Starbases!Where is the "Casino-Module" for playing Texas Hold'Em when sy ...2007.05.26 11:21:00
- You can talk to me about lottery* when you you can spell it.Also there are hundreds if not thousan ...2007.03.10 12:14:00
- Well, CCP GM's should not move player out of hostile enviroments. If they start to do it, it will ha ...2007.03.10 11:56:00
- Great another t2 bpo thread. You cant seperate Lotterie and T2 BPO when you analyse the problem. ...2007.03.10 11:48:00
- Lottery is not transparent? Because it is transparent, we do not need to ask CCP about it once every ...2007.03.10 11:44:00
- i dont have any problem if CCP stops lotterie, i just think its the wrong way to correct a concept t ...2007.03.10 11:31:00
- WoW is not a option for me. Fantasy vs. S&F, and i'm more for S&F. The only thing i would like to ha ...2007.03.10 11:26:00
- Let me first explain why i find a Lotterie is a great idea. The chance to get the "big win" by a lot ...2007.03.09 19:34:00
- Dont remove the T2 Lotterie System - no, not because its good, just because it is fun to have a chan ...2007.03.04 14:35:00
- Dear CCPJust dont let "Ensl.." die because of some idiots. We all have seen in the past the human be ...2007.03.02 18:40:00
- this thread really isnt worth it cap booster are fine as isOh! Thats means they have to be nerfed. I ...2007.02.26 11:12:00
- Love the feedback though, and keep it coming, but let's not spend too much time on the death of Le ...2007.02.23 13:03:00
- Missions Lvl 5 only in low sec? I dont see that. Why? That the low sec pirates gets more targets? I ...2007.02.22 11:46:00
- wow - 14b for a Ogre II BPO. There is too much ISK in EvE ;-). But i would have no idea what i shoul ...2007.01.04 11:01:00

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