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- yeah i use 2 monitors as well and every so often when i left click in space on one of the clients af ...2011.09.05 11:38:00
- #Fetches Vagabond#All aboard the failboat choo choo! I do hope when all these new incarna boosters c ...2011.05.06 12:09:00
- Not a bad idea, it would make stations look more alive, and seeing the enemy undock would be kinda c ...2011.04.30 10:31:00
- Ok, had a good look at the CQ thingy, gotta say i really like the work you've done so far.I agree wi ...2011.04.21 17:12:00
- Alright i'll bite,Some rigs do not work now they are in 3 sizes and should be removed i'll agree.For ...2011.04.07 13:00:00
- Ehh, i don't give a monkeys about the ransom im after the loot the fat little carebears drop when i ...2011.04.07 11:15:00
- Sod the ransom, I want the tears!besides there's always another idiot who does'nt scout the gate to ...2011.04.06 15:21:00
- so i take it out of the silent planet is moar appropriate to WH raiding than ded plexes? http://www. ...2011.04.06 15:16:00
- Ahh moar Tears! Cry moar my fat little 0.0 pubbies, just cause you'll have to actually pay for your ...2011.04.06 14:21:00
- I have two client up on two monitors in windowed mode if one of them doesnt have 'focus' even though ...2011.01.24 15:50:00
- Trollface dingus wins the thread! ...2011.01.19 00:21:00
- Save me Jebus! ...2011.01.18 23:59:00
- Obviously you should all adore my Spocklike visage.Spock!!!! Also i am ofc a girl in real life boys ...2011.01.18 23:52:00
- <3333333333333333I can has BS 5 for xmas chachacha \o/ ...2010.11.25 21:03:00
- I don't know if anyone else has experienced this, but my corp has lived in a class 3 wh for nearly 3 ...2009.07.29 14:41:00

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