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- Wanderer, you're probably trying to work out a linear formula when its actually a logarithmic or 1/l ...2011.07.12 07:46:00
- Edited by: Zavulon Sukkot on 12/07/2011 07:02:37 Sorry to dissapoint you but thats only when bio-ma ...2011.07.12 07:02:00
- No, I think you might have missed a post. The plan is to put the ship into the EVE client for Incarn ...2011.06.14 14:25:00
- CCP WateverYourNameIsThisWeek, I think it's pretty clear that these things naturally won't be popula ...2011.06.14 12:08:00
- So, you will be using the abandon mechanic to turn the cans blue/give up aggro rights? ...2011.03.30 16:35:00
- Edited by: Zavulon Sukkot on 24/03/2011 11:56:31 CONCORD invalidates war declared by Noir. Mercenar ...2011.03.24 11:56:00
- Get Owned.Ain't nothing special.Kinda a bunch of noobs tbh.Things improve in 2 and a half years bro. ...2011.03.23 23:33:00
- Oh....and this from 'THE High Sec Griefer Corp':<real mail is real, week 16 2010, 1 related osprey k ...2011.03.17 18:52:00
- The Alt of a vicious carebear. ';;'Cool story bro. Drucore? Hawkiee? Who is your main anyway? It ...2011.03.17 17:37:00
- This is one of those long standing timer bugs. Basically, what happens is when you go to dock, if y ...2011.03.12 00:36:00
- I would like to note that we have changed recruitment channels. All your ninja needs can now be met ...2011.03.11 09:23:00
- As an addendum to Dryfty's advice above, I would like to note that we have changed recruitment chann ...2011.03.11 09:21:00
- Edited by: Zavulon Sukkot on 10/03/2011 09:20:15 Considering that theres no game mechanic to hand o ...2011.03.10 09:20:00
- The flow of tears shall cease when EVE gasps its last, labored, held-for-18-months breath. ...2011.03.01 16:13:00
- It's deffo there m8. You need to select 'Capital Industrial Ship' category, for the curious.Someone ...2011.02.25 21:36:00

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