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- When it was announced that incursion was coming in parts we had a release schedule.Why no schedule f ...2011.06.30 12:34:00
- " of our more smooth and successful expansions, not to mention absolutely gorgeous..." - Are ...2011.06.25 11:29:00
- everyone will turn it back on once you can actually go into the station environments :) ...2011.06.22 08:37:00
- There is a big ol warning popup that comes up when you're about to jump into lowsec, saying you are ...2011.04.18 10:56:00
- 80 mil?lol, herp durp ...2011.04.16 23:47:00
- your a bit ****in stupid if you think your ATI is better than NVIDIAEver see ATI at fansfest? no. wh ...2011.04.16 23:30:00
- Not sure if its worth bumping considering these forums will shut at some point, but here it is anywa ...2011.04.14 10:22:00
- After realizing Chribba has 17 accounts, and hearing a guy in my own alliance that has 20, and most ...2011.04.12 15:30:00
- There were two buns in an oven..One bun said:"Phew, its REALLY hot in here!"The other bun said"OH MY ...2011.04.11 10:11:00
- so when exactly is the next stream? ...2011.03.26 10:53:00
- Theres no need to feel sad or angry, this is just Eve's way of washing out the unsuitable players.T ...2011.03.22 11:22:00
- The OP is asking about activating propulsion modules during the 15km autopilot window.aah I see, tha ...2011.03.14 12:09:00
- A while back I listened to drone bay or warp drive active(forgot which it was). They suggested that ...2011.03.14 10:03:00
- Will you also be uploading videos onto Youtube?Only im in the middle of moving homes and have no int ...2011.03.11 09:18:00
- Now this is what I call feedback!The Dev team, devoted to bringing you the new EVE forums on EVE gat ...2011.03.02 11:35:00

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