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- Another thing to consider is the storage footprint of a mobile app. How much art assets are you wil ...2011.06.07 21:10:00
- All I care about is that it has to support "Move" up to the standard of Killzone 3. ...2011.06.05 23:34:00
- tbh. The concept design for the captains quarters looks dull.Assuming the captains quarters are a c ...2011.02.18 00:43:00
- If you are going to remove a useful tool, namely the jump to drop down menu accessed by right button ...2011.01.22 22:03:00
- listen to this and tell me that his comments on colour fashion doesn't ring true to eves selection c ...2011.01.20 00:30:00
- Just a quick question to add in patching multiple PCs?Where is the temporary patch data located when ...2011.01.18 09:06:00
- I could see such a concept working and I would in fact be temped to support it if there was also a n ...2011.01.18 00:49:00
- All your gear gets removed and CCP charges you a fine for littering. ...2011.01.18 00:13:00
- Edited by: Orb Lati on 16/01/2011 22:32:44 I'm not sure if I would want to quickly jump in the Nerf ...2011.01.16 22:31:00
- A joke so good he couldn't wait until April the 1st. red dwarf reference ...2011.01.14 00:46:00
- Visually the new layout looks like its full of wasted space and oversized components. ...2011.01.12 23:49:00
- Well, it is not 100% full proof but from my experience it works most of the time anyway - altho warp ...2010.12.20 20:20:00
- Still. Would be cool in fleet battles to have a strategic view where all models are removed and you ...2010.12.20 20:15:00
- Noticed a couple of times now that replacing module on a chip (specifically carriers so far) that th ...2010.12.17 05:35:00
- "What ship can catch a frigate at a gate"So let me get this straight. You are asking us what ship mi ...2010.12.16 00:37:00

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