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- Why the negativity? Even if he still wanted to carebear, least he is doing it where you can gank him ...2010.11.27 12:08:00
- Edited by: Guthris on 05/10/2010 22:01:36 I don't know their major time zone, but IMO Failed Diplom ...2010.10.07 18:11:00
- Edited by: Jenny Hawk on 22/09/2010 18:56:23 8 Months is a good amount of time imo to have alot of ...2010.09.22 19:11:00
- I disagree with this assessment. If you focus (that part I do agree with), you can be very effect ...2010.09.22 18:28:00
- When i 1st started this game, i wanted to pvp straight away. i came from planetside. What wrong with ...2010.09.22 17:09:00
- I have a 38m Gallente char, i would like to trade for Amar or Minmatar. There are no cap skills trai ...2010.09.09 10:04:00
- This worked quite well. Tried it against transporters, failed :) but at 3-4m cost and 0.5% sec loss ...2008.01.20 14:05:00
- Can always do it on a bounty system.Here's the target, here's the payoff.Talk to a few high end merc ...2008.01.17 20:20:00
- Dude...Youre graphics... You nossed the station or what?Yeah, bloody poor student over here who can ...2008.01.15 19:03:00
- Big reason why buying isk is bad, or, shoveling isk into a pvp ship thinking that you will win becau ...2008.01.15 18:56:00
- My ishtar goes 3.6k. The only speed rigs i use are istab ones, thats with 3x od and 2x nano. the che ...2008.01.14 22:26:00
- Once you get a taste of suicide ganking others in highsec. You get addicted to it. So you go kill an ...2008.01.14 21:03:00
- PvP has turned into a speed game, and I can guarantee this is NOT what CCP visioned for a mainstream ...2008.01.13 22:22:00
- 1600mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates I 1600mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates I Energized ...2008.01.13 13:41:00
- Edited by: FuzzBuzz on 12/01/2008 19:45:18 how about thisLinkage90.4k hp and 223 dps ...2008.01.12 19:37:00

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