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- Lets not forget that Incarna is nearly 10% complete. Tbh I was looking forward to it too. I liked th ...2011.09.08 19:05:00
- Having been there, Incarna is NOTHING like the NGE. As for SWG closing, it's because Lucas has an IP ...2011.09.08 18:20:00
- 2 pages of feedback. Lol. I bet its all the content you released that generates all this feedback. W ...2011.09.06 21:27:00
- Just curious, how much would it cost to take over CCP and get rid of the upper management?Aha... i s ...2011.09.06 21:14:00
- The problem with this kind of voting mechanism is, that it will most likly end in a way where everyo ...2011.09.06 21:04:00
- Erm... he looks for a Laptop...So buy and built wont work there;) ...2011.09.06 20:59:00
- Well, i fear though, that this wont end well. Not for the CSM, nor the players or CCP.All similar si ...2011.09.06 20:45:00
- I would look at what Dell can offer you. They might not be the cheapest but maybee they have so kind ...2011.09.06 20:31:00
- Well, just that CCP has a reputation to be stubborn. Even after it failed again (does anyone doubt t ...2011.09.06 20:18:00
- Now i am ****ed....On my Birthday they have to close these forums down. I take that as personal insu ...2011.09.06 19:38:00
- Sad face.Good thing I don't play EVE anymore.then kindly STFUSame goes for you, CCP Fanboy. Btw.: U ...2011.09.01 22:23:00
- Edited by: James Razor on 22/08/2011 20:51:17 Law > EULAThat being said, I'm not a lawyer, so I'm m ...2011.08.22 20:50:00
- to OP: so your corp got dead and you can't pay for your 2 accounts because of "ship spinning" :Dthan ...2011.08.22 20:44:00
- LOL, where the **** are the people coming from Also, you do some sort of contract with CCP when u a ...2011.08.22 20:23:00
- Edited by: James Razor on 22/08/2011 20:21:04 Edited by: James Razor on 22/08/2011 20:12:36 I coul ...2011.08.22 20:11:00

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