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- Also noting that I've lost slot 1-5 of my Low-Grade Snake set, the Omega is still sat in my head. Pe ...2011.06.22 14:56:00
- Honestly can't tell if this is just a huge joke or if CCP want to kill off EvE... ...2011.06.15 17:50:00
- I'd recommend staying in frigates until you have stellar support skills and then move up. I am appro ...2010.08.03 22:21:00
- Ok I'm glad that there are others out there who actually believe isk can be made through pvp alone b ...2010.08.03 22:15:00
- Best of luck with your run for the CSM Mynxee, if anyone is going to give low-sec the injection of l ...2010.04.20 17:26:00
- Great vid there, some great kills against some really tough opponents.Keep the kills coming and keep ...2010.03.08 06:59:00
- an mwd is a micro warpdrive. It's a propulsion module that gives massive speed to your ship at a few ...2010.03.01 06:02:00
- Edited by: Kishin Hattori on 01/01/2010 05:38:15 If our little speedy ship bothers you that much, g ...2010.01.01 05:37:00
- Edited by: Shade Millith on 30/12/2009 04:38:24 basically... get out there and start losing ships. ...2009.12.30 05:48:00
- Or just leave a good thing be and fight your own battles, whether your opponent is or isn't. War Dec ...2009.12.30 05:41:00
- Edited by: Kishin Hattori on 27/12/2009 19:54:47 This issue can occur at any given time and is stra ...2009.12.27 19:53:00
- Sounds pretty harmless to me. New Eden is so vast that the only place religion holds reign is in the ...2009.10.27 07:11:00
- Your subservience and blind faith towards God only makes me laugh. Drakolus, I beseech you; don't be ...2009.10.22 07:39:00
- As a proud Minmatar of the Vherokior tribe, the ability to be self sufficient is an important one an ...2009.10.22 07:28:00

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