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- well i would sign this aswell but theres one issue which bothers me.1. im a freighter pilot undockin ...2009.11.19 09:08:00
- it's a templar, a fighter drone used by carriers. ...2009.10.13 00:08:00
- right now im staring at a pic of oveur trying to telepathically transmit him my will of getting this ...2009.10.13 00:01:00
- i think that the hp buff to sc and titans was too hefty. those ships are harder to kill than a facti ...2009.10.12 23:38:00
- Modeling:the aeon's, archon's, nyx' and thanatos' landing bays are looking strange. you cannot loo ...2009.10.12 23:23:00
- Yes, yes, I know, I know...MMOG means interacting with other players.Well, I don't. My experience w ...2009.09.29 00:27:00
- well i must admit that the gallentean haulers are a little strange. every race has a small version w ...2009.09.29 00:11:00
- long time ago i did this in a newley TII fitted rifter. found a juicy retriever in a belt, went ...2009.09.11 15:17:00
- it sounds as if you are requesting to pay more for rigs tbh. ...2009.09.11 11:08:00
- Edited by: Waagaa Ktlehr on 02/09/2009 17:18:38 i do not support this!Insurance payouts allow playe ...2009.09.05 14:16:00
- i do not support this!Insurance payouts allow players like me, who do not have the free time to spen ...2009.09.02 16:26:00
- gallente face tatoos are a trend adopted from minmatar society. those tatoos are made of nanites wh ...2009.07.24 14:47:00
- i think that complexes, especially those with high reward/low risk/time involvement should be less p ...2008.11.24 00:57:00
- the phoon is still the fastest bs of all races this might explain the boost advantage. but the mass ...2008.11.12 13:42:00
- "ksshhh...the remains are dirfiting apart captain.... go for the next zealot class fire directly to ...2008.11.09 13:04:00

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