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- Edited by: Jacob Mei on 08/11/2009 18:10:27 Edited by: Jacob Mei on 08/11/2009 18:08:00 I did some ...2009.11.08 18:07:00
- The math aside does anyone find it odd that it never got to the point that someone went "look, you'v ...2009.11.08 16:27:00
- Why people think they need a 16-32 character-numerial-symbol password is beyond me.The most secure p ...2009.11.08 01:42:00
- Honestly just kill your food. I wont go into how disgusting that has to be but have some compassion ...2009.11.08 01:25:00
- Yet another reason why in general its far better to build your own rig then to get a prefab. ...2009.11.06 22:52:00
- Edited by: Jacob Mei on 06/11/2009 22:46:54 I think like within an hour of his death Billy Mays pag ...2009.11.06 22:43:00
- Borg Queen. ...2009.11.06 22:19:00
- 1. No 2. No - I dont get any of the vaccines that come out to be honest. I've got a hardy immune sy ...2009.11.06 15:31:00
- Anyone recall the name of the idea that there might be another planet in the same orbit from the sun ...2009.11.04 16:03:00
- Note that I donít believe in evolution, however out of respect for your thread I wont bring anything ...2009.11.04 12:50:00
- Before this thread fades away I thought this would be interesting:Source: Gateworld.net2.1 average h ...2009.11.03 17:46:00
- Because the american school system sees every child as a lying, thieving miscreant that is only ou ...2009.11.02 22:39:00
- In the US and havent had a need for a note (whenever sick my employeers take my word for it, guess i ...2009.11.02 22:27:00
- Also am I the only one getting tired of corporations these days being portrayed as the default evi ...2009.11.02 15:17:00
- I saw the previews for this on OnDemand several months ago but never saw any ads for it at the theat ...2009.11.02 12:54:00

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