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- I appreciate the time and effort you put into doing this. You have done what many have been 'thinkin ...2009.11.04 12:10:00
- Hi all.My question is simple really. Do you think CCP employ market analists, to watch the internal ...2009.11.03 12:20:00
- Damn I missed another good investment, I really should watch the forums more. Nouva, your propasal i ...2009.11.03 10:44:00
- Can I go on your list for your next investment, its so hard to find worthy, trusted investments. Tha ...2009.10.28 15:37:00
- I would like to be in on that, so hard to find a reputable investment in todays MD./Tommy ...2009.10.27 13:49:00
- Raw, You have made 3 threads in the last week. Each one seemingly worse than the last, it shows how ...2009.10.23 06:51:00
- Edited by: Tommy Tucker on 16/10/2009 17:25:17 Edited by: Leowen on 16/10/2009 15:40:44 Hi there.I ...2009.10.16 17:25:00
- Hi there.If I had 1 Trillion ISK I would create an alt for myself and then go to the newbie starting ...2009.10.16 14:12:00
- I have sent you the contract. Any chance I could be activated please.ThanksTommy ...2009.10.09 16:33:00
- Greetings Katiya Thanks for the spreadsheet, will help a new trader like myself greatly. I haven't l ...2009.10.04 11:28:00

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