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- That's a horrible idea. RANGERANGERANGERANGERANGERANGERANGEnot fair.I'm sorry I can't hear you over ...2009.04.09 17:25:00
- Edited by: Dr Resheph on 09/04/2009 17:22:25 1) The Hype's slot layout is fine. It's 5th mid flexib ...2009.04.09 17:21:00
- Frigate and Cruiser blasters are fine, Battleship blasters are mostly limited by their ships. Domini ...2009.04.09 03:47:00
- Stop posting. r u dr in rlYes, I'm a proctologist/gynecologist. My patient demographic is that of e ...2009.04.09 03:34:00
- Don't drag the forum down into the bowels of mass stupidity by pointing out the obvious "this is not ...2009.04.08 21:19:00
- DISCLAIMER: This thread is about GRAPHICS, not gameplay.There's lots of new sci-fi MMO competition r ...2009.04.08 20:23:00
- because its sagely advice lol ...2009.04.08 13:28:00
- Stop posting. ...2009.04.08 04:49:00
- The checkmark was in the old client, new one has a shader dropdown. SM2 is Lite, SM3 is full dx9c ...2009.04.08 00:49:00
- In return, shield tankers can load up on damage mods without sacrificing tankbut arent those dmg mo ...2009.04.08 00:06:00
- Anyone fitting a web and scrambler on a cerb will get laughed at by me.Well that's the advantage arm ...2009.04.07 17:00:00
- Well you're right, it's totally a rant. It's great that you've finally started to look at ewar and m ...2009.04.07 16:45:00
- Projectiles have been boosted about five separate times now, your claim that it's been broken since ...2009.04.07 16:08:00
- There's an EVE lingo thing in the EVE wiki thing. Use the thing, less threads. :[ ...2009.04.07 15:58:00
- Chinese Checkers - Strategy My Little Princess - Delusions of grandeur Hannah Montana - INFURIATIN ...2009.04.07 15:57:00

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