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- as of this moment, i have taken to eating kiwi fruitsWho said us Kiwi's are fruits? ...2010.11.12 21:32:00
- . . . .<snipped>. . . Anyway, good idea, but I dont see it ever happening because of the money lost ...2010.11.04 10:11:00
- ...Not really. It just seems like a complete non-issue. You have character slots that you can't trai ...2010.11.04 00:03:00
- Would the word 'Simultaneously' help, so that characters on the same account, at the same time, were ...2010.11.04 00:00:00
- My proposal is to enable a player, to train two or more characters on the same account simultaneousl ...2010.11.03 23:54:00
- Thank you for looking in Breaker77What problem are you trying to solve here?He doesn't want a second ...2010.11.03 23:45:00
- Hi Tippia.What problem are you trying to solve here?My proposal is to enable a player, to train two ...2010.11.03 23:35:00
- Hi Leksi Bar'zukSecond account, only option. Otherwise Features and Ideas is thataway ->Thank you f ...2010.11.03 22:14:00
- Second account. Problem solved.No it doesnt Mag's. A Second account enables a player to have two mai ...2010.11.03 22:03:00
- Edited by: Najenna on 01/04/2010 23:12:31 <snipped for brevity> . . . would like to join the club o ...2010.11.03 21:57:00
- I do not know if this is the right place for this, but here goes. I apologise if my English is badly ...2010.11.03 21:38:00
- Mail formatting seems to work fine.Downloads and updates installed faultlessly.Thanks CCP, Good Job. ...2010.11.02 19:26:00
- I wonder why so many people complain and whine here. We have an opportunity to be intelligent and to ...2010.11.02 14:33:00
- How come no one wears a Turban in Eve. I thinks its unfair! I want MY TURBAN! ...2010.10.06 12:42:00
- Edited by: Virtual Freedom on 06/10/2010 11:14:08 =V= ...2010.10.06 11:11:00

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